Public Works/Engineering

Mission Statement:

The Public Works/Engineering team will utilize technical expertise to enhance the efficiency of city operations while providing professional customer service to ensure the safety and quality of life for the people who live, work and visit in Branson.We do this with an environmentally sensitive conscience to benefit the community.

Public Works/Engineering

Public Works/Engineering has the primary responsibility for construction and maintenance of the city's infrastructure. This department also provides routine maintenance and repair of city vehicles, right-of-ways, streets, and city buildings.

 The Streets Division duties include pavement maintenance work, storm sewer installation and maintenance, and pavement striping. Winter operations involve ice and snow removal from all city streets and city owned parking lots. Street signage is also an important part of this division to ensure that all signage is in compliance with federal standards, and that motorists are provided the information they need to keep the city streets as safe as possible.

Report a Public Works Concern
Winter Weather Preparedness

The Engineering Division provides in-house engineers for lift station design and trail design and is responsible for project management of all public and private capital projects. These projects include street and bridge construction, new sanitary sewer construction, water line construction, new or expanding water or wastewater facilities, new city buildings and traffic engineering. This division also monitors and evaluates traffic, signalization of intersections and traffic congestion.

  1. Keith Francis

    Keith Francis

    Director of Public Works/Engineering

  2. Cheryl Harrison

    Office Specialist III
    Phone: 417-337-8504

The GIS (Geographic Information System) Division manages the GIS for the benefit of the city and its citizens. The computer based maps provide the information critical for proper planning and preliminary design work to assist in the development of street, property, aerial, zoning, and other types of city maps available to the public.

The Facilities Maintenance Division provides repair and maintenance of city buildings and facilities.

The Service Center Division ensures that the city’s fleet vehicles, including fire engines, police vehicles, trucks, and heavy equipment are maintained and operating properly.

The Stormwater Division is responsible for the development and management of the stormwater management plan. In 2016, Branson became a regulated Missouri Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) community and must comply with water quality through the Department of Natural Resources. This plan will include public education and outreach, public involvement and participation, and revising of the City’s Technical Specifications and Design Criteria for Public Improvement Projects.