Fire Operations Training & Safety

The Division’s purpose is to maintain a comprehensive Operations program in fire – rescue services designed to ensure a high level of readiness through staffing levels, apparatus, facilities, and planning.

The Operations Division is supported by 36 personnel budgeted to provide a Fire Captain, Engineer and two Firefighters on-duty for 24 hours at each of the three fire stations.  A Chief Officer is always on-call to respond with crews for Incident Management support.

Our goal is to respond to a wide variety of emergency and non-emergency calls for service.  Our primary mission is responding to fires, various types of rescues including auto extrication, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, and technical rescue including structural collapse, confined space, water incidents, and low to high angle rope rescue.  In 2018 the fire personnel responded to 4,500 calls for service.

Day in the Life of a Branson Firefighter

The firefighters report to work at 7am for a 24 hour shift.  They start the day completely going through the fire trucks and equipment.  It’s all expensive (purchased by the taxpayers) and is expected to work on a moment’s notice (especially when you call!).  This means all of the fire apparatus is checked to make sure it is mechanically ready to go and all of the warning equipment works.  They confirm their self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is ready to be used, plus all the fire and rescue equipment including the Jaws of Life.

The personnel then spend 1-2 hours each day engaged in physical fitness training.  The crews work hard to keep their bodies “battle ready” as they focus on strength, cardio, and respiratory fitness. 

Each firefighters is required to complete on average a minimum of two hours of training on each shift.  This could be learning a new skill or practicing skills for proficiency.  Training focuses on modern fire and rescue operations, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, and various forms of technical rescue. 

The shift is filled with work related activities including performing fire and life safety inspections at our area schools, businesses and attractions.  The goal of these inspections are to help citizens identify and reduce risk.  This helps keep our fire losses low in a very unique community.

Most all of the firefighters have an assigned staff function.  They have the opportunity to research, budget, and purchase (based on an approved plan) equipment for our fire apparatus to maintenance of our station facilities.

Fire personnel also assist with presenting fire and life safety programs.  Programs are available from pre-school through high school to training developed for our area lodging, attractions, and businesses.

Yes, you might even find the firefighters at the grocery store occasionally.  Working a 24 hour shift equates to spending a lot of time with your “work family.”  That means they prepare meals together and even occasionally will patronize a local restaurant.  If you see the firefighters out in public, stop by and visit with them, ask about their day, and let them show you their fire apparatus – it’s even a “Kodak Moment” for the kids and family!

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    Ben Bonner

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