Police Records

The records section is responsible for storing, retrieving, copying and transferring police records as allowed and required by law.

Reports can be picked up at the records desk, requested by mail, and some obtained online. Please note, most reports are available 7-10 business days from the date of the incident. To receive an incident report, you must be listed as the incident report Victim or family member of a deceased individual. As a family member, you must produce proof of the relationship.

If you are listed as a Suspect in an incident report and this report has been sent to a prosecuting agency, you must contact that prosecuting agency to obtain a copy of the report.

Reports Online


Reports In Person

 If requesting a report in person, please bring the following;

  • A valid Driver’s License, valid Passport, or valid State issued photo ID
  • $4.00 in cash, check, or money order

Photos, if available will be placed on a CD at $5.00 per CD. Please make sure you include that you are wanting photos in your request.

You must provide and verify the incident date, location, and type of report requested. Reports may not be available in all circumstances so please contact the Records office at 417-337-8517 or 417-337-8536.

Reports by Mail

 If you are requesting a report by mail, please provide the following information;

  • Your Name
  • Name of the party involved
  • Date of incident/accident
  • Location of incident/accident
  • A check or money order for $4.00
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope

If you are an Insurance Co. or an Attorney’s office, please include the following information in addition to the information listed above:

  • Name of your Insured/Client
  • Name of driver/involved party

Mail your request to:

Branson Police Records
110 W Maddux, Ste. 100
Branson, MO 65616

Please note requested reports will typically be mailed back within 3 business days.

Requesting Reports Online

Accident reports are available to all parties involved in the accident.

To request a report online:

           Please click here.

           You will need the following information: #BR-xx-xxxx, Date, Location and Parties Involved

If you are having trouble with this website, please contact the number provided by this website 1-800-325-9818. This is an independent site; the Branson Police Department does not run this website.

Reports may not be available in all circumstances so you are encouraged to call the Records office at 417-337-8517 or 417-337-8536 beforehand.

 All other requests must comply with the Missouri Sunshine Law request through the Branson City Clerk Office.