Support Services

The Support Services Division provides critical support to the community and other Department Divisions through Dispatch Services, Training and Recruiting, Police Records, Animal Control, and Parking Enforcement.


Tele-communicators provide 911 Dispatch services to the Community. In 2017, Communications Officers managed over 19,000 actual 911 calls for service and handled a much larger number of routine non-emergency related phone calls and inquiries. Tele-communicator responsibilities include:

  • Taking all non-emergency and emergency 911 calls
  • Dispatching officers and/or firefighters to calls for service
  • Running wanted person and stolen property checks
  • Activating community sirens for emergency messages
  1. EJ Jones

    EJ Jones

    Lieutenant - Support Services

Uniform OperationsTygo K-9 Unit

The Uniform Operations Division provides the majority of the Department’s Commissioned Officer related duties including:

  • Patrol Operations
  • Safe Housing Unit
  • School Resource Officers Unit
  • K-9 Unit


Patrol officers respond to all calls for service, both emergency and non-emergency. Patrol responsibilities include:

  • Community Policing initiatives
  • Responding to 911 calls and patrolling the community
  • Investigating vehicle traffic crashes and enforcing traffic regulations
  • Conducting criminal investigations

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers provide officer presence and support at the Branson Junior High and Branson High Schools. Officers foster positive relationships and promote a safe school environment.

  1. rounded-in-photoretrica

    Dale Burnett

    Lieutenant - Uniform Operations

Investigative ServicesInvestigations Open House

The Investigative Services Division is responsible for all criminal investigations and includes:

  • General Investigations Unit
  • Vice Investigations Unit
  • Evidence Unit
  • Chaplain Services
  • Crime Analysis


Detectives are responsible for all complex investigations including property crimes; crimes against persons; and organized crime; involving drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and gambling. The Investigative Division manages our CATCH Crime Tip Hotline and coordinates with our Regional, State and National partner agencies to effectively address crime Branson’s needs. 


The Evidence Unit provides critical support at complex crimes scenes and manages all Department including found property, evidence related to criminal cases, evidence processed by the State Crime Lab, and evidence presented in court proceedings.   

To arrange a return of property please contact the evidence technician at 417-337-8588 for an appointment.