Animal Control


Animal Control unit was established to enforce the care of our animal population within the city limits of Branson. 

Animal Control is available every day from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on call 24 hours a day for emergencies. 

Outside of their normal hours Patrol Officers handle animal calls.

ACO Responsibilities

 Animal Control has several responsibilities which include: 

  • Catching and caring for dogs and cats abandoned or allowed to run loose 
  • Investigating animal bites and cases of neglect 
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  • Inspection and licensing of commercial animal facilities on a yearly basis
  • Enforcement of City and State Laws, which include: animal cruelty and neglect, city tag requirements, animal limitations, dangerous dogs, rabies vaccinations, and the city leash law 

All animals that are collected by animal control are transported to the Taney County Animal Shelter. If an owner does not collect the animal it may be available for adoption. 

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Animal Control knows that many citizens think of our pets like family. With that in mind, remember some simple tips to help provide the best care for your animal:

  • Don’t leave an animal in a vehicle in extreme weather (hot or cold!)
  • Make sure your animal is properly vaccinated to include rabies shots.
  • When walking an animal, make sure it is on a leash. 
  • Spay or Neuter your animals. 
  • A proper shelter is required for all animals, regardless of where they are held. 

Click the following link to view our Animal Ordinances.

To have an ACO respond to your location please call 911 and talk with a dispatcher. 

For questions, concerns or compliments please email

Forms necessary for the occupancy of animals on a temporary or permanent basis can be accessed here:

Feral cats

Feral cats are untamed cats that live outdoors and are not accustomed to human interaction. Feeding feral cats can result in property damage, neighbor complaints, attracting more feral cats, attract wildlife, and danger for your family or pets.

Feeding feral cats can also be interpreted by a court of law as “harboring,” making you the owner of the cats and subjecting you to the related ordinances.

Avoid attracting stray cats to your property:

  • Do not put any kind of pet food outside, even for your own pets.
  • Make sure your trash is kept in containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Don’t leave your garage door open and unattended.
  • Eliminate or close off areas that could shelter cats from bad weather (for example, under decks and porches, any other type of enclosed space on your property).
  • Minimize the presence of rodents that may attract cats. Keep your yard mowed, remove spilled bird seed from the ground, and keep your yard free of lumber and debris where rodents may hide.

If you are already experiencing a problem with stray cats on your property:

  • Look for a cat repellant online, humane home remedies as well as manufactured products. The products they recommend are designed to scare cats away without harming them.

Implement a Trap Neuter Return (TNR) system. Catch a feral cat in a humane trap, have them spayed or neutered, and return them back to the outdoors. For more information on TNR, contact a local veterinarian. 


Can I sell and animal within the city limits of Branson?

  • In order to sell animals within the city limits of Branson, you must have a license issued by the Missouri Department of Agriculture or the United States Department of Agriculture, depending on the species of animal you are trying to sell.