What is the process for creating municipal legislation?

The City of Branson is a Fourth Class City created under Missouri Statutes in 1912. All laws for the City are created by ordinances, which the City codifies into a user-friendly format. An ordinance originates through citizen, Board, or City staff ideas for reasons such as public safety, problem solving, or other concerns. An ordinance starts out as a bill prepared by staff and is placed on the Board’s regular agenda. The bill is available for public viewing on the internet and at City Hall before each meeting. At the meeting, the bill is read by title by the City Clerk, and citizens along with the Board may discuss issues relevant to the bill. A bill becomes an ordinance after it passes by a majority vote of the elected Board on second reading and takes effect once signed into law by the Mayor. The City contracts with a company to codify ordinances into a book that is indexed for easy look-up of the laws. The City’s codebook is available on our website. The Board of Aldermen can also pass resolutions, hold public hearings, and approve appointments to committees and advisory boards.

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