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Industrial Development Authority Member Application

  1. Industrial Development Authority Member Application

    This application is for taxpayers in Branson interested in volunteering to serve on the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) and is due to the City Clerk’s office by 4:30 p.m. on April 22, 2021.

  2. Appointment Authority:

    “Each director shall be a duly qualified elector of and taxpayer in, the City of Branson, Missouri, and shall have been a resident taxpayer thereof for the one year immediately prior to his or her appointment. No director shall be an officer or employee of the City of Branson, Missouri. In the event any director ceases to be an elector of, or taxpayer in, the City of Branson, Missouri, or shall become an officer or employee of the City of Branson, Missouri, then such director shall be deemed disqualified to be, and shall automatically cease to be, a member of the Board of Directors of this corporation. The Board of Directors shall be appointed by the governing body of the City of Branson, Missouri in accordance with the provisions of the Industrial Development Corporations Act and these Bylaws”
    - By-Laws of the Committee

  3. Duties

    “Chapter 349 of the Missouri Revised Statutes (the “Industrial Development Corporation Act”) permits cities and counties to create local IDA’s that are authorized to issue bonds and notes to finance the costs of certain types of project without the requirement of obtaining voter approval…The types of projects that may be financed with bonds or notes issued under the IDA include assembly plants, manufacturing plants, processing plants, fabricating plants, distribution centers, warehouses, certain waterborne vessels, public facilities, office building, for-profit and not-for-profit nursing or retirement facilities, physical fitness, recreational, indoor and resident outdoor facilities operated by not-for profit organizations, commercial facilities, agricultural facilities and pollution control facilities. In connection with such projects, the bond proceed may be used to finance land, building, structures, fixtures, machinery and equipment… The interest on bonds or notes issued by an IDA is exempt from Missouri state income taxation” - RSMo 349

  4. Term:

    Expires – December 2026

  5. Contact Information

    Under Missouri state statute, 610 RSMo or otherwise known as the Sunshine Law, all information is public.

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  6. Do you live inside Branson City Limits?

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  8. Please submit this application below, or via email to or deliver to the City Clerk's Office, City of Branson, 110 W. Maddux St., Ste. 205, Branson, MO 65616 or fax to 417-335-4354.

  9. Acknowledgement*

    I have read and understand the application and I swear or affirm the statements provided are true. I understand the application is open to the public and will be available on the City’s website.

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